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TCS-MFM Multi-flame module

TrueFire - TrueCandle

 'Real' fire and candle emulator with settable dim and variable randomised flicker rate

"I've been using them to simulate live flame in theatrical applications with great success.  We've had them mixed with actual lit candles onstage, and even our lighting designers couldn't tell them apart"  

Production Manager, The New Repertory Theatre

  • Four independent circuits

  • Settable dim and randomised flicker rate

  • Each of the four circuits can be set individually

  • 'Real' fire and candle flame emulation 

  • Huge output drive - 3 amps per circuit

  • (eg. 100 12V bulbs per channel at 30mA per bulb)

  • Connects to your existing or new circuits by miniature screw terminals

TCS-MFM  'Real' fire, candle with settable dim and randomised flicker
Picture illustrates the TCS-MFM


The ultimate miniature lighting flicker unit

 The very versatile fire and candle flame emulator...

Each of the four channels (circuits) can be set separately: 

  • Dim/brightness level

  • Random flicker rate

  • Fire emulator with random fire flare and rate

  • Candle flame emulator to simulate a steady candle like flame with random shimmer

The unit is setup using just two push buttons

The unit remembers all of your preset choices even with the power off!



50th Anniversary of the invention of GE's Lexan Polycarbonate

Cake designed and built by JT Lind associates MA-USA using TCS-MFM candle flame emulators

A cake using TCS-MFMs - photos 

"It's so subtle and 'cool' that few understand the effect!"

Courtesy of JT Lind (MA-USA)

(click for larger Picture)




4 (totally independent)
Connections Miniature screw terminals
Emulation Modes  TrueFire

'real' fire

Flaring, blazing, glowing


'real' candle 

Shimmering, popping 

with user settable dim and emulation rate

Mode Setting By entering the program mode using the two push buttons
Output Drive 3 Amps per circuit
Input Supply 5 to 30V DC
Size 63mm x 35mm x 5mm
Fixings free 

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