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TCS-TLC triple function

  Miniature Traffic Signal Emulator

  • Supplied with Light Emitting Diode (LED's)

  • Triple function - set with a pair of simple shorting-plugs

  • Can even control a miniature beeper 

  • Externally triggered OR free running

  • Can be switched or triggered using a TCS840X

TCS-TLC  3 emulation modes - Traffic lights, pedestrian crossing and railway barrier crossing beacons

Picture illustrates the TCS-TLC


The unit is specifically designed for the UK

(although units for international traffic and train signals can also be supplied)


 The most versatile traffic lighting system available...

Three emulation modes

  • Traffic lights: The TCS-TLC module will emulate a pair of traffic lights which could be wired in quad formation for crossroads

  • Pedestrian crossing with 'wait' lights and output for beeper

  • Train barrier crossing - flashing red and amber beacons

The mode is selected with a simple pair of shorting-plugs

The unit can be externally triggered using a switch - either manually operated or automatically, via a railway line trigger, or proximity switch to add true realism

The trigger causes the unit to run through a sequence, triggering again causes it to run backwards through the sequence - i.e. one set of traffic lights red, the other green, then through the sequence to green and red respectively. Trigger again and it sequences back to red and green. If you don't have a trigger switch you can let the unit free run - with a fixed delay between the cycles.



Inputs 2 for power

1 for external trigger

Connections Flying leads
Emulation Modes  Traffic lights

Pedestrian crossing with 'wait' lights and output for beeper

Train barrier crossing beacons

Mode Switching By a Pair of shorting-plugs.

Switch off, move shorting-plug location, switch on!

Output Drive Light-Emitting-Diodes and miniature beeper
Input Supply 5 to 30V DC
Sequence Control A single connection allows the unit to be triggered externally


The unit can free run with factory set time delay between cycles

Sequences  The three modes emulate UK standard signals

(International units also available)

Indicators Can display a pair of traffic lights (4 if wired as cross roads)

Pair of railway crossing beacons

Pair of traffic and pedestrian signals and with output for miniature beeper

Size 63mm x 17mm x 5mm
Fixings free 
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