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Control your dolls house, model railway or diorama lighting with the ULTIMATE controllers.

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Whether you want your diorama to emulate a miniature world,

              or whether you want to illuminate it with dramatic lighting...



TCS-TLC controller

A small high street with a pedestrian crossing - the 'wait' lights

indicate it's not safe to cross but the 'green man' and beeper tells the eager shoppers they can cross.



Behind the supermarket, the train barrier crossing lights stop the

traffic for a while, but soon the flashing red beacons stop and its safe to cross now...



TCS840X and TrueFIRE controller

The shops lights come on - its nearly opening time, but its still to

early for some of the local offices - they're still in darkness.



The new high class clothing shop has a wonderful animated lighting

display in its window but its not as subtle as the little candle shop

down the street - with its elegant window display of candles - some

shimmering and one flickering in the draught



TrueFIRE or TCS_MFM controller

The local workmen light their oil drum burner, flaring cardboard rages...

...Later, the fire dies down - embers shimmer...



A raging camp fire creates warmth and casts mysterious

shadows around the woodland.

...or perhaps it's just a gentle popping flame that emanates warmth

as the kettle simmers on top.



The Candelabra graces the Victorian drawing room with its soothing

 - gently shimmering candles, as the lively embers in the great hearth warms the occupants.





YOU decide  - The options are endless, limited only by your imagination.
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